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We do not stop exercising because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop exercising!
Dr K Cooper


The ChiBolsters were introduced to all stretch and fitball classes Term 2 2012 with great results. Check 
out the testimonials.
The ChiBolster is an adjustable, air- filled apparatus that provides support and allows movement at the same time. 
It is the ideal fitness tool for all skill levels, from the first time exerciser to the elite athlete. chibolsterIt helps eliminate static positioning and flexion that regularly occurs during routine floor work exercises as well as everyday sitting. It provides an unstable platform necessary to activate under- utilized and often weaker intrinsic muscles and stabilizers required for fluid movement, peak performance and strength. The Bolster constantly gives feedback throughout your movements, providing you with an awareness for activating your performance enhancing intrinsic muscle and stabilizers.
Sensory nodules unique to the ChiBolster activate specific points on the meridians to restore health and aid in the relief from pain. Its versatility means that you can also use your ChiBolster as a massage and release tool to provide relief for tired, sore muscles, as well as a posture support that can be used in the home, office, or while travelling.

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Stretch & Swiss/Fit Ball

Benefits of Stretch and Fitball Classes:

- assists with muscular problems
- improves posture
- develops greater flexibility
- improves balance and core strength
- improves strength by use of weights and medicine ball work   swissball- prevents injury

In the Beginners Stretch class we begin with Swissball and ChiBolster exercises to aid core strength and balance. Weights are introduced to those who wish to develop more muscular strength. We commence with simple exercises and gradually add more complex moves and more repetition. Everyone can work at their own level and pace.
Then we do 30 minutes of flexibility work. This may be chair- based, floor work or performed standing or using the wall and poles. The complexity increases with each class and throughout the term .
Each exercise is demonstrated first and then Karin checks everyone to ensure perfect form.
All exercises can be modified to suit every individual.
Meditation and breathing techniques are performed to complete the session.

strengthflexibilityIn the Intermediate class we have a lot of variety. At times we do 30 minutes of Swissball/ChiBolster work and then stretches from feet to head. Sometimes medicine balls are used, or circuits are set up with some activities being held outside, or the SwissBall or ChiBolster are used for the entire class.
Alternatively, flexibility work can be done for the entire hour or just for 30 minutes. There can be a theme for a term concentrating on e.g. rotation, or extension work. More partner work is done in Intermediate classes as participants can get a far greater stretch. Relaxation and breathing exercises are also included at times.

Participants are also encouraged to make suggestions about what they are needing in terms of focus on certain muscle groups, or type of exercise needed. This is then added to the repertoire where possible. 

Class Times: (60 minutes)

Tuesday: 9.30am Beginners   5.15pm Intermediates   6.30pm Beginners

Wednesday: 9.30am Beginners   10.45am Intermediates

Thursday: Not running Term 1 2018 Beginners   6.30pm Intermediates


For the full class timetable of all classes, click here.


Stretch Therapy is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease in the body, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.

StretchingApplications of the ST approach span rehabilitation of specific physical problems, through development of more efficient alignment and movement patterns, all the way to improvement of elite athletic performance. Everyone will find themselves somewhere on this continuum
Flexibility plays an integral part in our physical and mental well being. Stretching allows us to release muscular tension, manage injury, and allay common aches and pains associated with stress and age, or too much work at the computer!

Over a semester-long course you will learn about your own patterns of tension, and how to change them. You will gain deeper insight to yourself. Your body will feel looser, your range of movement will be greater, you will be more relaxed and you will sleep better. The most important point we left to last: doing ST simply feels great. You will notice significant improvements in the way you move and feel. Put simply, improving flexibility and strength improves the quality --the texture -- of your life.Hip flexor stretch

In a 60 minute class, you will prepare the body, and learn and stretch individually or in pairs (our 'partner' work). The classes are graded and cater to all levels of ability and flexibility, and any exercise can be modified to suit the needs of an individual. Each class is designed to build on the previous one. As the classes progress, we add strength, mobilisation and balance exercises into the mix. By semester’s end you will have been taught advanced stretching techniques (such as the Contract–Relax method) and many variations of exercises that suit individual needs; things that can be Hamstring stretch performed easily at home or in the office with little or no equipment.

  • Fire Dance - has its emphasis on cleansing and purification. Governed by the Heart, Small Intestine, Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater Meridians. Fire is the season of summer, colour of red, emotion of joy and sound of laughter. Fire energy is what gives rise to our passion. The ability to radiate our essence and also transform the dross of our ego/mind into a true reflection of our spirit.

  • Wood Dance - uses the motivational power of anger to energize and strengthen. Governed by the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians. Wood is the season of spring, colour of green, emotion of anger and sound of shouting. The wood element gives us the raw vital energy to create and express our potential and purpose into the world. Through this dance we embody flow, vitality, self- expression and purpose. We also allow ourselves to simply be who we are, be true to our selves.

  • Water Dance - deals with fear through surrender and acceptance. Governed by the bladder and Kidney Meridians. Water is the season of winter, colour of dark blue/black, emotion of fear and sound of groaning. The water element is responsible for building and storing our energy or Qi.

  • Air Dance - acknowledges grief, encouraging release and transformation. Governed by the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. Air is the season of autumn, colour white, emotion of grief and sound of weeping. The air element relates to how well we are able to deal with the past, release what no longer serves us and open to new life and the present moment.

  • Wu Tao Dance - aims to liberate and balance the flow of Qi, the life force energy, through the body. Based on the Oriental Medicine principle of the five elements that make up our physical universe, the dances celebrate air, water, wood, fire and earth. Each dance works specific meridians in the body and addresses a dominant emotional component.

  • Makko Stretches - Specific shiatsu stretches use the body's own weight, applying pressure to the meridians as you lean this way and that way. By stimulating meridians, shiatsu stretches may assist in freeing up blocked energy and drawing it toward areas of weakness, thus releasing tensions and limbering you up.

Fee Structure

Fitness class - $15 per class (if paying by term)

Fitness class - $20 casual

$180 (10 session booklet)

Yoga - $20 per class (if paying by the term)

Yoga - $25 casual

Discounts apply if enrolled in more than one type of fitness class. Second class would be $13 and 3rd would be $11.


All classes and massage appointments are held at Karin's studio and clinic in Junortoun 3551.

Contact Karin for details.
Karin's fitness studio has been operating for more than 18 years and her massage clinic for more than 30 years.